How do you measure your horse for a rug? MHS recommends that you measure the horse at the bottomlength from (A) the middle of the chest, over the high point of the shoulder and then to (B) the back of the hind leg.

If you have that size, please choose the closest size from the size chart below. To give your horse the optimal fit, comfort, and protection it deserves, it is important to always measure the bottomlength from (A) to (B). When choosing a rug, you should consider the bottomlength of the rug which is always measured from (A) the middle of the chest over the horse's shoulder to the back (B) where you want the rug to end. 

Order size
Bottom length (A/B) Back length Side length
0/155 155 cm 5'1" 61" - - - 68 cm 2'2" 26.8"
145/195 195 cm 6'4" 76.8" 145 cm 4'9" 57.1" 81 cm 2'7" 31.9"
Order size 0/155
Bottom length (A/B) 155 cm Bottom length (A/B) 5'1" Bottom length (A/B) 61"
Back length - Back length - Back length -
Side length 68 cm Side length 2'2" Side length 26.8"
Order size 145/195
Bottom length (A/B) 195 cm Bottom length (A/B) 6'4" Bottom length (A/B) 76.8"
Back length 145 cm Back length 4'9" Back length 57.1"
Side length 81 cm Side length 2'7" Side length 31.9"

All sizes in the size chart are measured with the utmost care. The sizes may differ slightly from the actual product. You cannot derive any rights from this size chart.